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Telescopic rods

Telescopic rods

8The extension rods realised by Zanon are divided into aluminium telescopic rods, fibreglass rods and fixed rods.

They differ from each other on the basis of the type of material, which can be, exactly, aluminium or fibreglass, the length of the rod (from 50 to 320 cm.) and the weight (from 0.70 to 1.75 Kg.).

The extension rods are available in 12 models, of which 3 are aluminium telescopic rods, 3 are fibreglass telescopic rods and 6 are fixed rods.

Telescopic rods

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    Telescopic PolesThe extension rods are available in 3 models are equipped with the new fastening closures and new sleeves.

  • 400
    Auctions FixedThe fixed rods are available in 6 models.