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Log Splitter


The log-splitter is a machine that allows to split pieces of wood into appropriate dimensions (logs, stumps, etc.) in a longitudinal direction to the woody fibres.
It is generally used for the preparation of pieces of wood suitable for use as fuel in stoves, boilers and fireplaces.

There are electric-motor driver log-splitters and others that draw the necessary energy for functioning from an external source (tractor) by means of mechanical transmission (mainly the propeller shaft).

Generally, for movement, the wood-splitters with most grinding wheels and power have a three-point coupling device to the tractor; others, smaller in size and with less power, have two wheels in the rear part.

Normally the companies that produce log splitters divide their products into two well-distinguished categories, i.e. machines for working wood with vertical or horizontal drive wood-splitters.

Zanon mainly produces 3 types of log splitter:

  • hydraulic with different power motors
  • multi-functional (initially invented by Zanon as a worldwide first)
  • vertical.

To complete the offer of machines for cutting wood, we have created a line of saw benches with different powers and performances, both with motor and electric.


Across wedge can be connected to every log splitter to cut large logs into 4 parts. The wedge is very easy to mount even by untrained staff.
(L) Additional information regarding pneumatic log splitters.

This particular type of machine, used for cutting wood, can be divided into 5 main parts:

The frame: is the mechanical box structure that gives rigidity to the system. Zanon is one of the worldwide leader companies regarding the construction of top quality mechanical boxes. This factor is important as all parts of the log splitter are mounted onto the frame. Rigidity plays a crucial role when very hard thick wood must be split.
The piece-rest or piece-pusher: is the element onto which the log is rested to contrast the force of the wedge. The piece-rest surface is usually knurled so as not to allow the wood to escape from the seat while it is in the cutting phase.
The wedge: is the element that physically splits the wood and can be simply (for a longitudinal or section cut) cross, in order to divide the wood into 4 equal parts.
Hydraulic plant: is the group of mechanical elements that allow the wedge and the piece-rest to physically break the log. It is called hydraulic because all of the pushing mechanism is driven by an oil pump, oil flow control distributor, cylinder-piston assembly, oil filter, tank (at times made up from the frame itself) and various pipe jackets and connections in order to maintain the oil and the enormous thrust it generates with the wedge “pressurised.
Control parts: there are two types: lever or pedal. This implies that the machine only functions if it is activated manually. Several safety systems allow to interrupt breaking of the log if the pedal or lever are no longer pressed.
Some horizontal log splitters have slightly different functioning to the vertical ones. In this case it is the log that moves towards the wedge, shifted by the movement of the piece-pusher.

Safety and quality

The Institute for farm mechanisation has supplied the Piedmont region with guide lines regarding safety of log splitters used in the artesian and agricultural ambit introduced onto the market after 1996.
Reading the document it is possible to understand how it is not easy to construct state-of-the-art wood splitters. In the last 40 years of activity Zanon has appreciably improved the working and construction techniques of wood cutting machinery and currently, also regarding safety, it configures itself as one of the leader companies throughout the world.
Not all log splitters are the same and so they are not all built with the same reliability criteria, warranty, durability and quality. Zanon offers wood cutting machines with different powers, with all safety systems possible in order to work in complete tranquillity.

log splitters

  • 29
    Hydraulic log splitter SLE 6The Zanon group SL – 6 hydraulic log-splitter is a vertical drive log-splitter that allows to split pieces of wood of variable dimensions up to a maximum height of 58 cm with a thrust of 6000 kg.

  • 31
    Hydraulic log splitter SL-8/9The Zanon group SL – 8/9 hydraulic log-splitter is a vertical drive log-splitter with a large capacity pump, a distributor with flow of 40 lt/min. with automatic drawer return.

  • 30
    Multi purpose log splitter SL-9The SL – 9 multi-purpose log-splitter realised by Zanon is a log-splitter has a hinge system that gives it the possibility to be activated vertically or horizontally in order to adapt to the user’s requirements.

  • 254
    Hydraulic log splitter SL-10The SL – 10 hydraulic log-splitter has the characteristic of having a large, reinforced, height-adjustable work surface. In this way it is possible to simply adapt the log-splitter to the size of the pieces f wood that are to be cut (up to a maximum cutti

  • 34
    Professional vertical log splitter SV 10The vertical log splitter SV – 10 is characterized by its removable side shelf and a thrust of 10,000 kg

  • 35
    Professional vertical log splitter SV 12-14 – NewVertical log splitters are characterized SV 12-14 from the large removable side shelf and a thrust of 10,000 kg

  • 88
    Vertical splitter SV 16 Eco-lineMade primarily for professional woodworkers, is built into a single model for 16 670 tonnes with stroke.

  • 33
    Horizontal splitter SOThe new series of horizontal, primarily intended for professional woodworkers, is built in two models of 16 670 tons and 16 tons Running Race 1050. E ‘equipped with hydraulically operated wedge, wood crib safety door, safety bar, adjustable automatic switch control.

  • 89
    Professional vertical log splitter SV 16 to 20 – NewThe new series designed primarily for professional woodworkers, is built in two models with a 16 ton travel from 1050 and 20 tonnes with stroke from 1050.

  • 226
    SVT-25 Vertical Wood-Splitter – NewThe log splitter SV 25 was designed primarily for professional woodworkers, no single model is built from 25 tons with a stroke from 1050.