equipment list

Rinieri Agricultural Machinery

Offset machinery


Velox with blade


Velox with blade for a fast and precisious hoeing in vineyards and orchards up to 10 km/h




Velox with disc tool


Velox with 2-3-4 hoeing discs for vineyards and orchards with trees near too




Rotating harrow head

Immagine- Velox with rotating harrow head

Velox with power harrow for a smooth leveling of the ground




With flail mower TRA

Immagine- Velox with flail mower TRA

Velox with flail mower TRA for cutting weeds in vineyards and orchards




Velox 8

Immagine- Velox 8

Double Velox suitable in vineyards and orchards from 1,5 to 4m with blades, discs, flail mover





Immagine- CM-GE

Cultivator CM with shanks with one side GE or double side GE for working all the width of the rows





Immagine- GS-GE

Hydraulic or electro-hydraulic hoeing group with blade for various application




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