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Bio shredders

Bio shredders

2The bio-shredder function is to finely shred organic residues such as leaves, grass, branches, organic waste, pruning waste and pieces of wood, generally transforming them into natural fertilisers, suitable for vegetable gardens and flower gardens.

The reduction of this waste to a minimum helps to accelerate the composting process.
Besides composting, these shredded residues obtained using the bio-shredder can also be used for mulching.

The majority of bio-shredders use a carrier plate that chips wood.
This cutting action, therefore, is developed by a series of blades (and counter-blades) that practically shred the material.

Some of the latest bio-shredders use roll cutters instead.

The bios are often also called chippers (from the term chips=reduce to small pieces).
The chippers are used by forestry companies and companies that fell trees for centralised heating industries or for the production of isolating panels or for the use of chipped material in paper making.

We also have small electric bio-shredders for hobbyist use.
The presence of Honda is important at a motor level, which guarantees top-level performance and reliability through time.

In terms of safety, we propose a motor-block bar positioned frontally to the opening: by resting with the body and exerting a certain pressure, the motor and knives are blocked.
The bio-shredder is used to shred leaves and grass, small branches (from 30 -60 mm. in diameter) and vegetable waste.

The most powerful versions can shred branches up to 12/14 cm. in diameter pulling the branch inside the machine without being pushed.

These machines transform ecological waster (chips) into natural fertiliser, then used in vegetable patches and gardens. It is an optimum instrument for quickly eliminating biodegradable waste with contained costs.

All machines include instruction and maintenance instructions.

Bio shredders

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    Small bio shredderThe Zanon group BIO bio-shredder allows to crush and shred different amounts of material (wood, branches, leaves etc.).

  • 198
    Medi Shredders – NewThe new shredder BIO 6 Zanon group can chop and shred different amounts of material such as branches, leaves, etc..

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    Professional bio shredderZanon offers its customers the possibility to rely on a bio-shredder aimed mainly at professionals: the BIO bio-shredder with a cutting capacity of 75 cm diameter.

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    BIO 140 – Newsuitable for grinding: corn-tobacco- sugar cane – palm trees – pruning bushes in general.