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Rinieri Agricultural Machinery



23Thinking of gardening in all its aspects we created the company a full range of gardening equipment .

grass, lawns, plants and fruit trees, gardening equipment with Zanon specific to each activity, are maintained in health and all their beauty.

To ensure a long comfort to your crops and your green spaces Zanon brings you the outdoor equipment of different capacities and at extremely competitive prices while maintaining high quality standards of production.

The machines are also used for vegetable gardens that need of special processes (such as aeration) to improve the quality of the soil.

The full range of our products allows us to offer professional solutions to incredibly affordable cost, even for the hobbyist: quality and convenience … Zanon word!


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    AR aerator – NewUsed in spring and autumn, this machine removes all the moss and deposits that have formed in the grass therefore guaranteeing the perfect drainage of the ground.