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Pneumatic saws

Pneumatic saws

9The pneumatic saw is used to transversally and longitudinally cut, bevel and groove wood, plastics and other materials.

There are many types of pneumatic saws, they different from each other mostly due to the type of saw that differs on the basis of its use (cutting plants, wood, steel, concrete).

There are automatic pneumatic saws that allow cutting of the thin blade at the established length: pneumatic chain saws and pneumatic air saws.

The Zanon group pneumatic chain saws have a strong structure in high strength techno-polymers and can be mounted on fixed or telescopic extension rods.

Pneumatic saws

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    Pneumatic chain sawSturdy high-resistance technopolymer structure. The pneumatic chain saw may be fitted on fixed or telescopic extension rods reaching a heigh of over 5 mt.

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    Pneumatic sawThe Zanon group realises professional pneumatic saws using the best technologies present on the market. Technological research, investment in safety, use of the best materials, strong structure and attention to detail are the features of Zanon pneumatic