Company Profile

In the year 2000, Alawneh Agriculture Est. (a subsidiary of ALDA Farms Company)  has specialized in the design, implementation and supply of Agricultural Equipments and fertilizers of agricultural projects, predominantly in supplying major projects tailored precisely to ALDA Farms projects needs in Jordan .

The company was established to serve the agricultural sector in Jordan and the Middle East, intended to provide farmers with agricultural products and a variety of exceptional and unique services, in addition to a range of agricultural machineries, fertilizers and irrigation systems.

Years of experience in the agriculture industry and establishing familiarity with local agriculture and associated factors enabled the company directors to provide consultancy and integration services to locals with the marketing of greenhouses and irrigation systems, sub-Tropical and Tropical crops as well as open field’s crops and more. Alawneh Agriculture Est. is a firm believer in organic foods and aims to educate farmers in the methodology growing crops organically.

 The company’s unique vision is to supply first class agricultural equipments and machinery for many countries in the Middle East .

Alawneh Agriculture Est. is not a manufacturer but a supplier for all types of  Agricultural equipments for agricultural projects with only one motive: supplying the best products.